The Shopping Frenzy

I haven’t felt the shopping bug for a while.

Last weekend, it caught me hard.

I spent about five hours at the mall in Nanaimo, and I didn’t leave empty handed.

As well as a book in Chapters, I bought an entire bag full of clothes at Reitmans (a dress, a pair of pants and bright pink floral blouse unlike anything else in my closet.)  Then I went to Pier 1, and got lost in their world of perfect homes.  I bought four mugs I don’t need, a table runner I don’t need, tea towels I don’t need (anyone sensing a theme here?) and a “garden flag.”

My Boy took one look at the flag and said, “Don’t put that in the front yard!”

When did he become the voice of reason to my wild decorating ideas?  Oh, I remember–when he refused to paint the garden shed hot pink last spring.

Hang loose and keep those good vibes flowing!

Resolution Failed!!!


My New Year’s Resolution was a simple one–no shopping except for personal care items and lingerie as needed.

I was doing pretty well until I found this baby–a faux marble Chihuahua–at Urban Barn.  (I blame D, a decorating diva, for dragging me in.)

Once I set eyes on Brutus (yes–that’s his name!) I knew he had to come home with me.

My real life Chihuahua and bestie approves, so maybe I shouldn’t feel too bad.

Besides, my resolution was kind of vague.  Obviously it should have included a faux marble Chihuahua clause.

You Say You Want a Resolution…



Resolutions:  Things I’d like to do, but probably won’t.

Start writing again.  I’ve actually written two novels.  They’re rubbish, but after decades of abandoned projects, I’m proud that I completed them.  I’d like to get back to a daily writing routine in the hopes that practice makes perfect and writing regularly will lead to improvement.

Be positive and stop worrying.  This is a tough one for me.  Intellectually I understand that life would be much more pleasant if I could look on the bright side, but this is easier said than done.  While I work on this resolution, I have wine, chocolate and a Chihuahua to help me through the rough patches.

Stop shopping for a year.  I’ve read about people who managed this–really!  Realistically, I don’t need clothes, shoes or handbags.  I have more than enough, and only wear a fraction of my wardrobe as it is.  Personal care items like shampoo or moisturizer are allowed, as are books.  Since this is my resolution, I’m going to say that underwear/lingerie is also allowed because it would be pretty grim to run out of unmentionables.

What are your resolutions?

“The City”

So I met D in “the city” yesterday for lunch and some light shopping.

It was just what I needed–giggles, wine, sunshine and two glorious ferry rides through ridiculously beautiful scenery.

D, who is camera shy, was official photographer, recording the highlights of the day.  (You’ll have to trust me on this–I did actually spend the day with a friend.  For once, it wasn’t just me and the dog hanging out.)

In the giddiness of being in “the city” with an actual pal, I let my hair down and had some fun.

I may have gotten a little too friendly with a sea-going fella (what is it with me and sailors???)

I photo-bombed myself in Sephora (who knew I could be such a ham?)

…and did I mention the Lamborghini?  I’m not a car person, but that Lamborghini–even the name is spectacular!  (I did check to make sure the driver wasn’t sitting inside before I posed next to it.)

I meant to snap a picture of my lunchtime wine (“I’ll take a large, please!”)…but I drank it before I thought to get out my phone.  Instead, I took a photo of the glass I had when I got back to the cottage…along with my super pretty N mug from Anthropologie.

It’s good to hang out with friends.  I wish I got to do it more often.



My Dirty Little Shopping Secret–shh!

010I’m far from being a fashionista.  (I can’t co-ordinate/accessorize and I gave up on heels ages ago.)  However, I still strive to avoid that classic combination of matronly and dumpy.

Sometimes I get complements on my wardrobe, so I think I’m on the right track.

Here’s the thing–I actually buy a lot of my clothes at a shop that caters to men’s industrial wear and older women’s leisure wear.  (Now there’s a classic combination if ever there was one!)

I’ve never admitted shopping there.  Heck–I don’t even like to be seen carrying their shopping bags.


I needed some long-delayed retail-therapy, and they were having an amazing sale–almost everything 25% off, combined with a further 20% off EVERYTHING.  Woo hoo!

Interested in learning my secret?  It’s Mark’s Work Warehouse.

In addition to their own brand, they carry a range in collaboration with designer Alfred Sung, which I assume he knows about.

So there you have it–my dirty little secret.

What’s yours?