Good-Bye Fresh

Many evenings after work, I’m too exhausted to manage anything more than a bowl of porridge for dinner.

Since a girl can only eat so much gruel, I decided to try a meal delivery service.  For a reasonable price, fresh pre-portioned ingredients and “simple” recipes are delivered to your door.  I went with Hello Fresh because I snagged a 55% off coupon when I ordered my new handbag from Hudson’s Bay.

Our box contained the fixings for three vegetarian meals:  marinated eggplant in tomato sauce, masala chickpea wraps and veggie quinoa-stuffed peppers.

My Boy and I decided to try the eggplant dish first as it looked like the simplest option of the bunch.  An hour (and a couple of glasses of wine) later, we had used every pan in the kitchen and discovered that neither of us love eggplant.

I had an after school appointment the next day, so I asked my Boy to start dinner on his own.  I got home 45 minutes after he’d started prepping, expecting dinner to be on the table.  He was only part way through step 1 of the recipe.   My Boy, who doesn’t like wine, had a glass with me that night!

Since our cooking skills aren’t up to the level of the average Hello Fresh customer, I had to say Good-Bye Fresh.

Hopefully, Walmart will have a sale on oatmeal soon.

Hello Fresh provided a discount code for my friends.  If you decide to say Hello Fresh (and you’re more cheffy than me), use the code Nanette1 to save $40 off your first order. 


N and I


Sometimes people drift into our lives in the most random ways.  The really special ones stay, travelling with us through life’s unpredictable journey.

N and I met on our first day of junior high because we both had surnames beginning with S.  In a homeroom filled with Smiths, Silvertons and Sylkas, we were drawn together–two kids who were completely different, yet strikingly similar.

Fiercely intelligent and loyal, N was a bit of a rebel without a cause back then.  Athletic, competent and confident, where I was timid, clumsy and quiet, we might never have connected were it not for the wonder of alphabetization.

Although our lives took different paths after high school, we maintained a close friendship.  Our communication evolved from long handwritten letters in the 80’s to emails and Skype.  Once my parents passed, N became the main reason I continued to visit Powell River regularly.

N’s been a steady support through everything life has thrown at me over the decades–the deaths of my parents, my divorce, numerous moves…  She has talked me through the depths of my anxiety more times than I remember.

She helped me buy my first house as a single girl, reminisced about my mom with me and even vacated her cottage to give my Sailor and me some alone time when we were visiting Powell River and staying with our respective parents.  (She hung a huge a crucifix above the bed just before we arrived–an indication of her wicked sense of humor.)

Our forty year friendship ended abruptly on Saturday.

N died suddenly.

Rest easy, Norma.



Book Sale

I went to the annual community book sale on Saturday.

It’s a fascinating way to track the town’s reading habits.

Bargain hunting readers interested in Bill Clinton or Steve Jobs were in luck.  Those hoping to score Michelle Obama’s book–not so much.

A few years ago, the tables were groaning (and moaning!) under piles of donated novels from the Fifty Shades of Grey series.

What books do you think will feature in next year’s sale?