“If this is going any further…”

I work with lots of women at Club Pricey Freeze.

A few of my more seasoned co-workers are single. The unattached ones (and some of the married ones) are interested in how I met my late-in-life beau.

I get it.

Meeting a significant other can be challenging. Add in the baggage carried by the average 50-something, and finding love can seem impossible. Stir in a global pandemic heading into its third year and you might as well give up and get thee to a nunnery.

Flo, a bubbly purple-haired grandma/cashier, shared that she’s dipped her toe into the pool of online dating. She’d gone so far as to exchange a few messages with a prospective suitor.

“I had a good feeling about him,” she began. “Then he said if this was going any further, I’d have to send him a picture of my feet.”

“Your feet?” I asked.

She nodded. “I’d just finished work, and they were swollen with sock marks on my ankles. It just didn’t seem like a good idea.”

If it doesn’t seem like a good idea, it usually isn’t.


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