Vancouver, Part Deux

Oooh…there’s a Nordstrom in Vancouver!!!

I wandered around the shoe department, drooling over uber-fashionable European footwear before heading to the café for a glass of wine.  (Don’t you love upscale department store restaurants?)

I was pleasantly surprised to note I own one of the styles sold at Nordstrom.  (I’m such a fashionista!)

Bonus points if you can guess which shoes I schlepped around in all summer.  🙂


I went to Vancouver and enjoyed a glorious day downtown!

I’ve spent so long living in small towns that it was exhilarating to visit my old stomping grounds.  (As a UBC student, I went downtown all the time.)

Things have changed since my student days, but one thing remains the same–Vancouver’s a relatively safe city.  Lucky for me because I wandered around like a yokel, jaw hanging open, snapping photos of all the tall buildings.  (I even took a picture of my lunch–a delicious chopped salad at the Hotel Vancouver.)  I might as well have worn a sign identifying myself as a stranger from the sticks…and no one bothered me!

For the first time ever, I miss big city life.

“The City”

So I met D in “the city” yesterday for lunch and some light shopping.

It was just what I needed–giggles, wine, sunshine and two glorious ferry rides through ridiculously beautiful scenery.

D, who is camera shy, was official photographer, recording the highlights of the day.  (You’ll have to trust me on this–I did actually spend the day with a friend.  For once, it wasn’t just me and the dog hanging out.)

In the giddiness of being in “the city” with an actual pal, I let my hair down and had some fun.

I may have gotten a little too friendly with a sea-going fella (what is it with me and sailors???)

I photo-bombed myself in Sephora (who knew I could be such a ham?)

…and did I mention the Lamborghini?  I’m not a car person, but that Lamborghini–even the name is spectacular!  (I did check to make sure the driver wasn’t sitting inside before I posed next to it.)

I meant to snap a picture of my lunchtime wine (“I’ll take a large, please!”)…but I drank it before I thought to get out my phone.  Instead, I took a photo of the glass I had when I got back to the cottage…along with my super pretty N mug from Anthropologie.

It’s good to hang out with friends.  I wish I got to do it more often.