I Do…Until I Don’t


No one gets married planning to divorce.

It’s a pity, really.  If we went into it with our eyes open, aware that we’d likely be untying the knot in a decade or two, it might not be such a jarring shock.

As I navigate this process (and believe me, it is a process!), I’ve learned a few things:

  1. Getting married is way easier than getting divorced.  It’s more fun, too, and the clothing options are better.  No one loves a fancy dress more than me, but I’ve yet to find an occasion to wear a divorce gown.
  2. Divorce lawyers cost as much as a buffet dinner for your nearest and dearest at the local Lions Club.  You’ll spend all your money on this special “life event,” but there is no wine and no one brings you presents.
  3. Dogs are not just man’s best friend.  They are woman’s, too.  (Forget everything Marilyn Monroe ever told you about diamonds!)  Unlike your lying bastard soon-to-be ex-husband, your dog will never let you down.  Treat her well.