Sweet Temptation


I’m feeling a little chunky these days, so I decided to do something about it:  I’m cutting out all sugar…except the naturally occurring healthy sugar in wine.

I did this once before and the weight melted off me.  I don’t think it’s because sugar on its own is crazy fattening, but because everything I love that contains sugar (ice cream, cookies, brownies, chocolate…) is.

It’s not as hard as it sounds.  I find I really don’t miss the treats once I cut them out.

My resolve was strong…until I saw the big box of delicious marzipan chocolate bars ON SALE.

Why must the Universe tempt me so?

What do you think?  Did I cave on my first day on the sugar wagon?


Chihuahua School


Whenever I’m worried, anxious, stressed, or otherwise out of sorts, I can’t sleep.

Penny, on the other hand, never struggles with insomnia.  She falls asleep as soon as she finds a cozy spot.  And she wakes up unfailingly cheerful and ready for her next adventure…no coffee required to turn on her engine.

I could learn a lot from my dog.

Gibsons Girls

It was a sunny day, so Penny and I took a road trip.

We didn’t go far, just to Gibsons.

A tiny seaside village, Gibsons is most famous as the setting of “The Beachcombers.”

In addition to Molly’s Reach and some pretty doors, we discovered what is possibly the last remaining phone booth in the world.

We also learned there isn’t bad view in town–even a grotty alley way leads to a stunning ocean vista.

I’m Old School :(


I was at a high school the other day.

I checked out the grad photos on the wall as I walked past.

One grad montage stood out as particularly old.

The colour was faded and washed out.  The people all looked retro.  (Their hair, clothing, glasses, even their expressions–all had a look of long long ago.)

Peering a little closer, I noticed it was the class of 1983–the same year I graduated!

I guess it’s official–I’m old school.


The Straw That Broke the Budget


I’m reading lots of frugal living blogs these days.

Many of these creative bloggers have lists…

“5 Tips to Save Money on Groceries”; “8 Things You Should Always Buy Second Hand”;  “3 Ways to Use Left-Overs”…

My favorite is “10 Things I Stopped Buying.”

Every frugal living expert has a list of ten things they no longer buy.

There’s some variation among the bloggers’ lists, but one item is on every list I’ve seen.

It’s disposable straws!

Since I’ve never bought disposable straws, (who knew I was so frugal?!?)  I went to the dollar store to see just how expensive they are.  At $2 for a package of 75, I have to wonder just how many disposable straws the average person purchases if no longer buying them is one of the keys to frugality.

What’s your monthly disposable straw budget?


Alien Invasion???


I’m always a bit melancholy when I leave Powell River.

On my latest visit, I snapped a photo of my hometown as the ferry pulled away from the dock.

It’s a pretty view of the marina and houses in the distance…

…however when I looked at the pictures after arriving home, I noticed something unexpected.

What could it be???

Aliens preparing for an invasion?

Angels checking everything’s okay down here?