Hibernation Officially Over!


It’s been a long time, friends.

Although it’s not officially spring, it feels like winter is finally over.

I’ve spent the long, dark months with my nose to grindstone trying to keep up with the nineteen wonderful five year-olds in my class.  I’ve crawled home every evening, exhausted.  No energy to do anything more strenuous than watch a little Netflix, drink a little wine and snuggle the little dog.

I finally feel (somewhat) on top of things.  (Sunshine recharges my batteries, and I’ve been basking in the soothing rays for the past few weeks.)

Stay tuned for more adventures!

Gibsons Girls

It was a sunny day, so Penny and I took a road trip.

We didn’t go far, just to Gibsons.

A tiny seaside village, Gibsons is most famous as the setting of “The Beachcombers.”

In addition to Molly’s Reach and some pretty doors, we discovered what is possibly the last remaining phone booth in the world.

We also learned there isn’t bad view in town–even a grotty alley way leads to a stunning ocean vista.

It Skips a Generation


Me:  You know how we sometimes hear mysterious sounds coming from the back of the car?

My Boy:  No.

Me:  Sure you do…like last night when I was parking…

My Boy:  That wasn’t a mysterious sound.  You backed into something.

I don’t know where he gets it from (probably my dad), but my Boy can be quite logical–almost Spock-like–whereas I tend toward the whimsical (shades of my Welsh mom’s fey?)

***Check out the photo of the three of us at my Boy’s Christening.  My dad’s wearing a cardigan under his suit!  I love cardigans so much!  I wear them almost constantly through the cold seasons.  Noticing that my dad wore a cardigan to this special event felt like a connection through the years.  File this under the Power of Fashion to Enrich our Lives.



I Do…Until I Don’t


No one gets married planning to divorce.

It’s a pity, really.  If we went into it with our eyes open, aware that we’d likely be untying the knot in a decade or two, it might not be such a jarring shock.

As I navigate this process (and believe me, it is a process!), I’ve learned a few things:

  1. Getting married is way easier than getting divorced.  It’s more fun, too, and the clothing options are better.  No one loves a fancy dress more than me, but I’ve yet to find an occasion to wear a divorce gown.
  2. Divorce lawyers cost as much as a buffet dinner for your nearest and dearest at the local Lions Club.  You’ll spend all your money on this special “life event,” but there is no wine and no one brings you presents.
  3. Dogs are not just man’s best friend.  They are woman’s, too.  (Forget everything Marilyn Monroe ever told you about diamonds!)  Unlike your lying bastard soon-to-be ex-husband, your dog will never let you down.  Treat her well.