My name is Nanette.  I’m a near-sighted bookworm, mom, writer, teacher and, until recently, a wife.  Although my Sailor and I navigated some marital storms, I believed that after almost twenty-five years together we were in it to win it.

Sadly, after a tsunami of bad (very bad!) marriage experiences, I’m the newest recruit to the fastest-growing divorce demographic–over 50’s.

Join me as I journey though my very own grey divorce.




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  1. Nanette I enjoyed reading your stories…short, to the point, vivid and fun. Of course I’m sorry to hear about what you’re going through. It sounds like you’re doing well. Writing is amazing and very therapeutic. Having a dog helps too…very therapeutic and (he or she) is so darn cute. I wish you the best on your new journey and look forward to reading about your new adventures. These trials are so we can grow and become a better person. Always remember that you are supported and loved by family and friends and most of all a loving Heavenly Father.

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  2. So delighted to see you back, Nanette- missed your scintillating wit and stories- so I am avidly looking forward to catching up. Very aggrieved to hear all that you have been enduring with Sailor. I trust things are looking more and more improved every day. Seen any more deer lately? I saw a blob in the water a few minutes ago that glowed and flickered on and off several times…very strange, one of those nights for swamp monster spooks. I love such nights. Happy to see you back again!

    -smiling toad

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    1. It’s wonderful to reconnect with you, too! I’m in a time of uncertainty, but I have strong feeling things will be alright. I miss the gentle deer! They don’t frequent my new neighbourhood–perhaps because of the bears who visit. Since I’ve never been a fast runner and I’d likely trip over my snack-sized dog as I attempted to escape, I try to avoid the bears–at all costs! I’m intrigued by your glowing and flickering blob. Maybe some watery monster has arrived early for Halloween!


  3. Nanette, stay positive. I have no doubts you are in for a marvelous adventure. And I will not say, when one door closes, another opens–opps, I just did. Isn’t it annoying when people give you those cliches (smile)

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  4. Thanks for reading and commenting on my Blog. I’ll follow yours. Hope things work out for you. Enjoyed the+photo of Molly’s Reach. Spent a lot of time in Gibsons when I was boating.


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