Good as Gold

I tried a Korean sheet mask.

Walmart has quite a selection, including one made with donkey milk.  (Who knew donkeys were milked for cosmetic purposes?!?)

I went for the “Supreme” gold hydrogel mask.

It was an…interesting experience.

The mask came in two pieces.  With no illustration to guide me, I initially put the top half on upside down.

Once I’d repositioned it, it kept sliding down my face.  (It was really slimy.)

Afterwards, my skin felt tacky, rather than soft, youthful and refreshed as promised on the packet.

Maybe I picked the wrong kind.

Anyone know if donkey milk is particularly slippery?



A Great Idea!


SteamPunk Café has an attached reading room.

You’re allowed to bring your coffee in there and spend an afternoon checking out the huge collection of books on the floor to ceiling shelves.

It gets even better–all the books are donated by Literacy Alberni or café customers, so they’re free to take!

How awesome is that?

I found a few treasures last weekend, and I’ve got a stack to drop off on my next visit.

It’s Always the Little Ones


There was a huge, placid dog in the front yard.

He watched silently as I passed.

Suddenly he barked.

His voice was high-pitched and yappy.  Not at all like I’d expect a pony-sized canine to sound.

I looked back…and understood.

The gentle giant wasn’t alone.  He had a loud little friend.

Why is it always the little ones who make all the noise?


I Found an Extra Day!


On Friday night, I had a nap.

Then I got up, guzzled some strong coffee and collected my royal wedding viewing kit (cozy hoodie, comfy quilt and a bag of chips.)  I was on my way to a friend’s house to watch the big event…live.

Because we’re on the west coast, that meant turning up at her place at 1:00AM.

At 5:00, after we’d seen the ceremony and discussed the dress (beautiful), the groom (most handsome prince, ever!) and the guests (Amal Clooney knocked it out of the park with her mustard yellow ensemble),  I headed home to go back to bed.

When I got up later that morning, a funny thing happened.

Although it was Saturday morning, it felt like the second day of the weekend because I’d already gotten out of bed and gone out once.

It was like gaining a precious weekend day.

Imagine everything I could accomplish if I had the energy and inclination to do stuff in the middle of every night!

So, while many people have wished Meghan and Harry a long and happy marriage, I’ll thank them for the extra day.

The Drive of Shame


Parking’s hard.

You can tell just how hard by looking at my scraped up hubcaps.

Sadly, it’s not just the scratches on the hubcaps that tell the tale of my parking woes…a piece almost fell off the back of the car when it got caught on something stationary–don’t ask!

I had to do the drive of shame into the service bay at the Toyota Dealership.  (They are apparently the only ones with the correct screw to re-attach it.)

The technician said he wasn’t sure how long it would hold.  “You ripped the original screw right out!”

If you’re going to do something, you might as well do it well.

Mother’s Day (and a blast from the past)


Life is good!

I’ve got a wonderful job, friends, the dog…

…and my wonderful boy is home for the summer.

I got to spend Mother’s Day with the person who made me a mom and has brought joy to my life since he arrived.

I hope all the moms, stepmoms and everyone who nurtures and cares for others had a special weekend.

The photo was taken at the Olympic rings in Whistler during a vacation with friends in 2011.


Keeping it Real


My new place has a proper fridge with a freezer.  That means (wait for it!)…ice cream!!!

Perusing the frozen dessert aisle at Quality Foods for the first time in months, I was surprised to see that ice cream makers are finally confronting the truth–many people consume an entire tub in one sitting–by reporting calorie counts per tub.

In an admirable effort to make consumers feel better about over-indulging, one brand lists an impressive protein content per tub.

Hmm..for someone like me who’s almost a vegetarian, 22 grams of protein sounds like a healthy choice.

Where’s the spoon?

Thanks for the Beauty Tip…Dad!


I inherited my dear old dad’s thick, frizzy hair.

Over the years, I’ve spent a fortune on different products to try and tame these locks of mine.

Who’d have thought I’d finally find the answer in the men’s grooming section of the drugstore?

It’s Brylcreem–my dad’s old stand-by!

It’s thick, creamy and smells like soap–good news for someone like me who gets a headache from heavy floral scents.

Best of all–it reminds me of my dad, smoothing a generous glob through his hair before leaving the house every morning.