Back in the ‘Hood

I took my favorite teenager on an extra long walk.

We went back to our old hood–a quiet, magical place on the edge of a popular walk-way.

I loved living there.

Even a garage in need of a paint job is charming in our old neighbourhood.  House proud residents display their affection for the area with details like the pretty copper sun on a garden shed.

Unfortunately, residents also show the love by being alert and vigilant to strangers with Chihuahuas lurking in their back alleys.  (This explains the bad shot of the lovely blue cottage.  I had to move…fast!)

I don’t know if Penny recognized her old stomping grounds, but she did lots of sniffing (and peeing.)


Some Bunny Special!

I’ve been feeling the bunny love lately!

Easter inspired me to share some favorite rodent images.

The gauzy wool scarf is by Smoking Lily–a BC company that makes all its products locally.  How great is that?  I picked it up at Rusty Rooster, a wonderful little shop in Cumberland.

Sadly the chocolate rabbit is all that’s left of the Easter stash I picked up for my Boy to enjoy when he comes home after his exams.  Looks like another trip to Coombs Country Candy is in my future!

The stern bunny in the mug shot watches over me as I sleep.

Which image is your favorite big-eared cuddly creature?

Pet Sematary


I’ve been worried about my lack of interest in reading lately.  (As a hard core bookworm, not being able to concentrate on text was a huge and unwelcome change.)

D sent me a Chapters gift card for my recent birthday.  Rather than spend it on a scented candle or coffee mug, I chose a novel.  I went for one I’d read before, by an author who never disappoints–Stephen King’s Pet Sematary.

I read it in two days!

Friends, I believe (hope!) my reading funk is officially over.

As for Pet Sematary–like many of King’s books, the horror didn’t fully hit until I was snuggled under the duvet with my Chihuahua, and things started going bump in the night.

Eek!  I give Pet Sematary two shaking thumbs up.

A Natural Progression

The three stages of welcoming a new to us chair:

Not quite sure about this piece, so perch uncomfortably on the foot stool.

Once a base level of acceptance has been reached, muscle in on the chair, pushing the occupant out of the way.

Finally, take over the entire chair (and fuzzy blanket)–ahhh!


  1. tNoNnow

Chihuahua School


Whenever I’m worried, anxious, stressed, or otherwise out of sorts, I can’t sleep.

Penny, on the other hand, never struggles with insomnia.  She falls asleep as soon as she finds a cozy spot.  And she wakes up unfailingly cheerful and ready for her next adventure…no coffee required to turn on her engine.

I could learn a lot from my dog.

(Wo)man’s Best Friend


My Chihuahua’s on a very strict schedule.

She likes her breakfast at 6:00 AM on the dot.

I’m an early riser so this usually isn’t an issue, but on the odd morning I’m not up and about by 6:00, Chihuahua Girl paws at me.  I’ve tried ignoring her, but she’s relentless…and I really need to trim her claws.

Let’s just say, she always gets her breakfast at 6:00…

Except the other day–

I woke up at 2:00 AM with the beginnings of one of those headaches.  (I get migraines.  Fortunately the throwing up part only lasts a few hours.  Afterwards, I sleep for a few hours and wake up, feeling fragile.)

After almost breaking my neck stumbling down the stairs from my loft bedroom to the bathroom to vomit, Chihuahua Girl and decamped to the chesterfield in the living room, which was much more convenient for those dashes to the bathroom to be sick.

I eventually fell asleep, and woke up at (wait for it!) 10:15, my loyal little friend cuddled up next to my feet.

It’s like she knew not to bother me because I wasn’t feeling well.

I’m always glad to have her, but days like this, I’m extra glad.