Keeping it Real


My new place has a proper fridge with a freezer.  That means (wait for it!)…ice cream!!!

Perusing the frozen dessert aisle at Quality Foods for the first time in months, I was surprised to see that ice cream makers are finally confronting the truth–many people consume an entire tub in one sitting–by reporting calorie counts per tub.

In an admirable effort to make consumers feel better about over-indulging, one brand lists an impressive protein content per tub.

Hmm..for someone like me who’s almost a vegetarian, 22 grams of protein sounds like a healthy choice.

Where’s the spoon?

Sweet Temptation


I’m feeling a little chunky these days, so I decided to do something about it:  I’m cutting out all sugar…except the naturally occurring healthy sugar in wine.

I did this once before and the weight melted off me.  I don’t think it’s because sugar on its own is crazy fattening, but because everything I love that contains sugar (ice cream, cookies, brownies, chocolate…) is.

It’s not as hard as it sounds.  I find I really don’t miss the treats once I cut them out.

My resolve was strong…until I saw the big box of delicious marzipan chocolate bars ON SALE.

Why must the Universe tempt me so?

What do you think?  Did I cave on my first day on the sugar wagon?

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough


Adulting sucks!

There was a time when no problem was too big for a log of chocolate chip cookie dough.

Sure the label warns it’s not to be consumed raw, but sometimes a girl’s got to throw caution to the wind, and live on the wild side.

I haven’t indulged for AGES.  I guess I’ve been eating a fairly healthy diet–lots of fresh fruit, unsweetened yoghurt, poached eggs, avocado and of course wine, which is in the Bible, so it’s got to be good.

So the chocolate chip cookie dough was meant to be a real treat.

Instead the lump I ate is sitting in my tummy like, well…a lump.  Ugh!  The rest of it’s in the fridge waiting to go in the garbage.

Not being able to stomach raw cookie dough is clearly an adult problem.

So, yeah, adulting sucks.