N and I


Sometimes people drift into our lives in the most random ways.  The really special ones stay, travelling with us through life’s unpredictable journey.

N and I met on our first day of junior high because we both had surnames beginning with S.  In a homeroom filled with Smiths, Silvertons and Sylkas, we were drawn together–two kids who were completely different, yet strikingly similar.

Fiercely intelligent and loyal, N was a bit of a rebel without a cause back then.  Athletic, competent and confident, where I was timid, clumsy and quiet, we might never have connected were it not for the wonder of alphabetization.

Although our lives took different paths after high school, we maintained a close friendship.  Our communication evolved from long handwritten letters in the 80’s to emails and Skype.  Once my parents passed, N became the main reason I continued to visit Powell River regularly.

N’s been a steady support through everything life has thrown at me over the decades–the deaths of my parents, my divorce, numerous moves…  She has talked me through the depths of my anxiety more times than I remember.

She helped me buy my first house as a single girl, reminisced about my mom with me and even vacated her cottage to give my Sailor and me some alone time when we were visiting Powell River and staying with our respective parents.  (She hung a huge a crucifix above the bed just before we arrived–an indication of her wicked sense of humor.)

Our forty year friendship ended abruptly on Saturday.

N died suddenly.

Rest easy, Norma.




How to Mix Patterns


When I was a girl, the accepted advice was never to mix patterns.

However, times change and fashion rules fall by the wayside.

As this emu hatchling demonstrates, polka dots and stripes can work together.  The secret to making it work?  Wear it with panache and confidence!

Book Sale

I went to the annual community book sale on Saturday.

It’s a fascinating way to track the town’s reading habits.

Bargain hunting readers interested in Bill Clinton or Steve Jobs were in luck.  Those hoping to score Michelle Obama’s book–not so much.

A few years ago, the tables were groaning (and moaning!) under piles of donated novels from the Fifty Shades of Grey series.

What books do you think will feature in next year’s sale?

We Sound the Same…But We’re Not


It’s time for a new handbag, so I’ve been scouring the internet reading purse reviews.  (I realize this makes me sound like the world’s most boring person…I wear that label loud and proud.)

Today I researched the Fossil Maya Hobo on Amazon.

Amazon has both a Canadian and an American site

I knew I’d stumbled onto the US site when someone asked if the outside pocket is big enough to hold a small gun.

We may talk the same…but we’re different.

Some Bunny Special!

I’ve been feeling the bunny love lately!

Easter inspired me to share some favorite rodent images.

The gauzy wool scarf is by Smoking Lily–a BC company that makes all its products locally.  How great is that?  I picked it up at Rusty Rooster, a wonderful little shop in Cumberland.

Sadly the chocolate rabbit is all that’s left of the Easter stash I picked up for my Boy to enjoy when he comes home after his exams.  Looks like another trip to Coombs Country Candy is in my future!

The stern bunny in the mug shot watches over me as I sleep.

Which image is your favorite big-eared cuddly creature?

Self-Care Saturday

Solo dining in a lovely restaurant with a good book for company is incredibly pampering.  (I read it online, so it must be true.)

Since I’m all about looking out for number one these days, I grabbed Educated by Tara Westover (excellent, by the way) and headed out to Pescadores for my most favoritest breakfast ever–huevos rancheros.

I’m an early riser, so I arrived before the Saturday morning crowds.  Although the restaurant wasn’t full, there was only one small table left…in the back corner literally beside the bathroom.  (No exaggeration…I could’ve opened the bathroom door and turned on the light without getting up.)

Since listening to people pee (or worse!) while I lingered over my eggs and coffee didn’t sound particularly wonderful, I asked for a different table.  My server was a bit grumpy, threatening to make me move back to the bathroom if they got busy and needed the larger table.

Sigh–not the best start to my Self-Care Saturday, and further evidence that the world is not set up for singletons.

However, a day that starts with a side of guacamole can’t be all bad–am I right?