(Reality) Check, Please!


I bought make-up and toothpaste.

The total seemed a little low to me.  My mood brightened as it does when you get an unexpected good deal

I checked the receipt.  My good mood evaporated.

There was no secret sale.  I’d been given the senior discount!

My first instinct was to go back and give that visually impaired cashier a piece of my mind.  How dare she imply I look senior!!!

Then I realized $7.80’s a pretty good discount.  I’ll try to get in her line the next time I’m at Shoppers.



At the Airport Bar…


True confession:  I buy random stuff when I’m tipsy.

Waiting for our flight home, my Boy and I decided to kill some time at the airport bar.

He had an Old Fashion, and enjoyed a Don Draper moment.

Forgoing my usual white wine, I opted for a fruity cocktail that tasted like orange juice.  I felt a little ripped off because I couldn’t taste any alcohol in it.

It wasn’t until later when I unpacked the Spanx “Arm Tights!” I purchased at the duty free shop next to the bar that I realized just how strong my orange punch was.



California–Here I Came!

Knock, knock…

Who’s there?

Me–I just got back from Hollywood!


My boy left me the day after we arrived.  He met up with some friends for a sci fi convention.  I didn’t see him again until it was time to head home.

Left to my own devices, I lounged by the pool, drank lovely California wine and did a little shopping–and returning.  (That exchange rate was a killer!)

I had a Tom Jones moment (natch!), cuddled with a tall, dark and handsome movie idol and held hands with Mary Pickford.

Anything’s possible in Hollywood, baby!

A Brief Hiatus


I’ll be heading off to foreign parts soon.

I don’t want to give too much away, but this holiday will involve planes, passports and sunscreen–lots of sunscreen.

Since I’m running on empty, I’m taking a brief hiatus from the blog.

However, I’m confident I’ll return full of vim and vigor (and lots of great blogging ideas!)

Can I say “Bon voyage” to myself???  🙂

Happy Canada D’eh!


Friday was my last official work day before the summer, but it feels like I worked yesterday.  (I was at school at 8:00 to meet with another teacher and get a start on planning for September.)

That my first day off is also Canada Day makes it extra special.

We’re celebrating Canada’s birthday over lunch at the brew pub with friends.

My Boy wants to try the new Poutine Pizza.  (Can it get any more Canadian?!?)

I just want to unwind and try and shake this vicious cold that took hold of me yesterday afternoon.  That’s right–my summer vacay didn’t start with a bang, but with a cough, a sniff and a headache.

Happy Canada D-eh!