It’s Always the Little Ones


There was a huge, placid dog in the front yard.

He watched silently as I passed.

Suddenly he barked.

His voice was high-pitched and yappy.  Not at all like I’d expect a pony-sized canine to sound.

I looked back…and understood.

The gentle giant wasn’t alone.  He had a loud little friend.

Why is it always the little ones who make all the noise?



Hey There–You With the Stars in Your Eyes!

Every morning I tell myself something good is going to happen.

(I admit, I’m hoping for something really good like a lottery win or news the divorce is finally final.)

Today I went to the beach.  It was littered with starfish patiently waiting for the tide to come in.  There were so many, I had to watch my step.

There were different types, colours, sizes…  It was a briny galaxy.

I realized this was my good thing for the day, and it was enough.