Cheap Thrills!!!


A couple of things helping me chillax these days:

Breakfast in Paris Tea by Stash.  Ooh la la!  This black tea’s flavored with lavender, bergamot and vanilla.  While it’s not quite as restorative as visit to the City of Light would be, it’s nice late-afternoon pick me up.

Avalon Organics Lemon Bath & Shower Gel.  OMG–this stuff is so lemony fresh, I went back for the zesty Hand and Body Lotion.  Finally–something to make showers in my tiny cubicle a little more palatable.

Since I’ve given up retail therapy for 2018, little things like this make a bigger impact.

What are your cheap thrills


My Dirty Little Shopping Secret–shh!

010I’m far from being a fashionista.  (I can’t co-ordinate/accessorize and I gave up on heels ages ago.)  However, I still strive to avoid that classic combination of matronly and dumpy.

Sometimes I get complements on my wardrobe, so I think I’m on the right track.

Here’s the thing–I actually buy a lot of my clothes at a shop that caters to men’s industrial wear and older women’s leisure wear.  (Now there’s a classic combination if ever there was one!)

I’ve never admitted shopping there.  Heck–I don’t even like to be seen carrying their shopping bags.


I needed some long-delayed retail-therapy, and they were having an amazing sale–almost everything 25% off, combined with a further 20% off EVERYTHING.  Woo hoo!

Interested in learning my secret?  It’s Mark’s Work Warehouse.

In addition to their own brand, they carry a range in collaboration with designer Alfred Sung, which I assume he knows about.

So there you have it–my dirty little secret.

What’s yours?