The Shopping Frenzy

I haven’t felt the shopping bug for a while.

Last weekend, it caught me hard.

I spent about five hours at the mall in Nanaimo, and I didn’t leave empty handed.

As well as a book in Chapters, I bought an entire bag full of clothes at Reitmans (a dress, a pair of pants and bright pink floral blouse unlike anything else in my closet.)  Then I went to Pier 1, and got lost in their world of perfect homes.  I bought four mugs I don’t need, a table runner I don’t need, tea towels I don’t need (anyone sensing a theme here?) and a “garden flag.”

My Boy took one look at the flag and said, “Don’t put that in the front yard!”

When did he become the voice of reason to my wild decorating ideas?  Oh, I remember–when he refused to paint the garden shed hot pink last spring.

Hang loose and keep those good vibes flowing!

It’s a Sign!


Last week’s question was:  Will I get the house?

The sign says it all–my offer was accepted, and the bank has kindly agreed to help me buy a cozy little home.

I’m lost in a world of paint colours and furniture placement options as I await the completion date–not until August (so there’s plenty of time to choose between vanilla white, milk white or alabaster white.)

The Decorating Diva

I’m loving the look of different shades and textures of white.

My favorite piece (the tall bumpy one) is a vintage Saki bottle.  How cool is that?   Everything about it–colour, shape, texture–is gorgeous.

The fact that it’s an upcycled Saki bottle is the icing on the cake.  It makes me feel connected to the global community…

As I share my vintage Saki bottle, I consider all the Japanese women blogging about using old Canadian wine boxes as décor!

How marvelous to be a global citizen!