Giving Thanks


This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for so much.

First in my heart will always be my darling boy, who has grown into a kind and thoughtful man who (thankfully) doesn’t seem to share my penchant for anxiety.  The dog is a close second–shh, don’t tell her that!

I have a job I’m learning to love.  (Teaching kindergarten is my superpower!) My little students are exhausting but exhilarating.  In just a few weeks of school, they’re already learned so much.  Everyday we’re together, they make me a better teacher.  If you’re not inspired by a room full of five year-olds, you’re beyond help.

I have a cozy little house with enough closet space and room for friends.

My fridge is always full, and between Netflix, my overflowing bookcase and a couple of Soduko books, I’m never bored.

Best of all, I’m looking forward to the future.  (I’m already planning where to put the Christmas tree!)

It’s been a tough road, but I came through the darkness, and I’ve reached the light.  (And the divorce is finally final!!!)

And Penny…she’s just thankful for the electric fire.



8 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. Congrats (?) on the divorce becoming final, I know it’s been a long road for you. It’s nice to see a new post from you, although with a class full of 5 year old kids I’m surprised you have the energy to blog anymore! Hope to see you soon.


  2. So happy for you Nanette! Being thankful is a key to contentment. We can’t be happy if we are always grumbling. Much better to count your blessings as you have done in this post! 🙂 One of my dance classes is teaching 3 to 6 year olds; parents tell me I’m so patient, well that’s easy when I only have them for a half hour a week. 😉



  3. Sometimes divorce is the better option. Glad that your 5 year-old’s inspire you. It is better to focus our attention on the gifts we have than the ones that have escaped us so far. Happy Thanksgiving!


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