Hell on Earth


With hundreds of wildfires raging throughout the province, the government has declared a state of emergency.

Parts of BC currently have the worst air quality in the world.

I’m tempted to whine about the misery and inconvenience until I remember the brave firefighters who are literally risking their lives.

I have two words:

Thank you.


*Normally, the ocean is blue, and there’s a clear view of Texada Island in the near distance and the mountains of Vancouver behind it.  



4 thoughts on “Hell on Earth

      1. Oh the relief that’s it’s business and not confounded crisis my friend! I’m doing fine. Got a $600 surgical sock for my right leg today – and the wonderful hospital expert waved the cost. (Your time will come!) And what is more, the sock is skin coloured, so now everyone thinks I have wonderful shaped legs with wonderful skin!!!!


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