Giving Thanks


This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for so much.

First in my heart will always be my darling boy, who has grown into a kind and thoughtful man who (thankfully) doesn’t seem to share my penchant for anxiety.  The dog is a close second–shh, don’t tell her that!

I have a job I’m learning to love.  (Teaching kindergarten is my superpower!) My little students are exhausting but exhilarating.  In just a few weeks of school, they’re already learned so much.  Everyday we’re together, they make me a better teacher.  If you’re not inspired by a room full of five year-olds, you’re beyond help.

I have a cozy little house with enough closet space and room for friends.

My fridge is always full, and between Netflix, my overflowing bookcase and a couple of Soduko books, I’m never bored.

Best of all, I’m looking forward to the future.  (I’m already planning where to put the Christmas tree!)

It’s been a tough road, but I came through the darkness, and I’ve reached the light.  (And the divorce is finally final!!!)

And Penny…she’s just thankful for the electric fire.


My New Place


It’s been a busy couple of days.

I went from planning to TOC (Teach on Call–we don’t call them substitute teachers here) to applying for and starting a brand new job in a the space of less than a day!

I’m teaching a variety of classes and ages (PE, francias, and music to name a few.)  It’s part time, but enough to get me benefits (woo hoo–I can get my eyes checked and my teeth cleaned!)

But the best news of all?  My boy came for the summer.  Now that he’s here, the new place really feels like home.

(We’re in a tiny furnished suite while I look for something a little more permanent, but a few things are mine.  The quilt came from a thrift store and was a total deal!  The coffee table came from the edge of a parking lot and was free!!!  The spring/summer shoe collection shows my weakness for ballet flats.)

Woodland Idyll

I enjoyed the most relaxed Christmas ever:  I spent a couple of days with N, one of my oldest friends.  (We met in junior high when we were put in the same same homeroom because our surnames began with the same letter.)

N  lives in a fairytale forest across from the ocean.

Our Christmas consisted of good food (N roasts a mean turkey), so so movies and a constant battle to keep one elderly Chihuahua from pissing off three feisty and athletic cats.

It was my first Christmas without my Boy, and I was all set to be miserable, but N saved the holiday.

Today, I’m grateful for kind friends, pets and family.

Tomorrow, I can get back to worrying about everything 2018 has in store for me.