Back in the ‘Hood

I took my favorite teenager on an extra long walk.

We went back to our old hood–a quiet, magical place on the edge of a popular walk-way.

I loved living there.

Even a garage in need of a paint job is charming in our old neighbourhood.  House proud residents display their affection for the area with details like the pretty copper sun on a garden shed.

Unfortunately, residents also show the love by being alert and vigilant to strangers with Chihuahuas lurking in their back alleys.  (This explains the bad shot of the lovely blue cottage.  I had to move…fast!)

I don’t know if Penny recognized her old stomping grounds, but she did lots of sniffing (and peeing.)

A Marsh March

Walking relaxes me and clears my head.  It’s healthier and more socially acceptable than my other coping technique–wine.

Thankfully, my new town on the Sunshine Coast (how can you not smile when you hear that name?) is filled with gorgeous spots to wander.

The dog and I discovered a peaceful duck-filled marsh practically on our doorstep.

Normally I like my walks to end at Starbucks, but I’m feeling a marsh-ian vibe these days.  Watching those gangly frizzy-feathered ducklings trooping past almost makes me forget the first sip of a piping hot nonfat latte.

What do you do when it all gets to be too much?