Indoor Camping

009Being a long-term tenant in a vacation cottage isn’t all positive.

For one thing, there’s no bathtub.  The teeny tiny shower stall is about the size of a coffin standing on end.  Only someone much smaller and infinitely more flexible than me (think Kathy Rigby at her Olympics peak) would be able to shave her legs without leaving big tufts of stubble artfully arranged along shins and calves.

The pint sized bar fridge has zero freezer space–buh bye ice-cream!

The joy of functioning with no fixed address cannot be fully appreciated until one has attempted it.  I learned this when I went to renew my car insurance and update my driver’s license yesterday.  D is generously allowing me to use her home in Vancouver as my mailing address, but the local authorities need to know where I actually live…you know, incase the RCMP need to find me in a hurry.  (Oooh–I hope they’re wearing red serge when they come!)  I ended up with official, government-issued stickers for my license and Care Card with “Heron Cottage…” on them.

But there are some benefits to living the all-inclusive lifestyle:

Heat!  I’m notoriously stingy with heat when I’m paying for it myself.  My philosophy is to suck it up and bundle up so I can use the money saved on heating oil for shoes and handbags…but since heat’s included in my rent at the cottage, I might as well enjoy it.  Bonus:  I always know where to find my little hairy friend when the heat’s on.  She’s cuddled up in front of the register, basking in the warmth.

Size.  I’ve always felt safe in small spaces, and I’ve been obsessed with tiny house websites for years.  My cottage is a mere 600 square feet over 1 1/2 stories.  Although I’d add some storage (and a bathtub!) if this was my permanent home, I’m loving the size.  It’s enough for me, with room for my Boy when he comes to visit.  Things that go bump in the night don’t even scare me because there’s no where for intruders, ghosts, vampires, etc. to hide.

The cool factor.  Most people act like my current lifestyle is some awesome never ending holiday when I tell them where I live.  Clearly they’ve never lived in a vacation property fulltime, but it does feel good to be the recipient of a little envy while my life is so topsy turvy.