California–Here I Came!

Knock, knock…

Who’s there?

Me–I just got back from Hollywood!


My boy left me the day after we arrived.  He met up with some friends for a sci fi convention.  I didn’t see him again until it was time to head home.

Left to my own devices, I lounged by the pool, drank lovely California wine and did a little shopping–and returning.  (That exchange rate was a killer!)

I had a Tom Jones moment (natch!), cuddled with a tall, dark and handsome movie idol and held hands with Mary Pickford.

Anything’s possible in Hollywood, baby!


To Sir, With Love


Because Tom Jones is way too awesome for just one post…

Five highlights from my up close and personal Tom Jones experience:

5:00 AM–the time I had to get up to drive my Boy to work the morning  after Tom.  (TGFA–Thank God for Advil)

4 glasses of wine on concert night.  While I admit my alcohol consumption may have enhanced my concert experience, I’m adamant it had no bearing on #3 below.

3 cups of coffee I spilled over the weekend–two of them on my long-suffering friend, D.  Oops!

2 new tricks mastered by the dog while I was away–howling outside my bedroom door and dragging my dirty laundry around the apartment.

1 super duper star–Sir Tom Jones.

Mr. Jones

D and I saw Tom Jones at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Saturday.

Mr. Jones (Tom to his close fans!) is in his late 70’s, but his smooth Welsh voice is as powerful as ever.

He hasn’t lost his charm, either.

We spent most of the concert on our feet dancing as we sang along to Tom’s old standards, and tried to keep up with some new songs.  (After a couple of glasses of wine, it didn’t seem to matter if we knew the words or not!)