Penny Gets Roughed up and I Fall in Love with Ian all Over Again!

I enjoyed a lovely, relaxing visit with N…

Well…except for the moment when Chihuahua girl stuck her snout into the kitty condo and disturbed the occupant.  MEOW!

I learned that head wounds on dogs bleed just as profusely as those on people.  After consulting with the pharmacist at Shoppers Drugmart, I also learned that human antibiotic ointment works for dogs.

Penny learned that cats are not to be trusted.

So…other than a medical crisis, it was a pretty low key visit.

N and I went out for a couple of wonderful meals.  We watched a few good movies on Netflix.  We talked late into the night–which for me is about 9:30!

And, of course, we checked out the thrift shops.

Best thing I discovered, but didn’t buy:  a collection of Bay City Rollers albums from the ’70’s.  It was hard to resist the magnetic pull of the boys from Scotland.  (After all these years, Ian’s still my favorite Roller!)  I even considered framing them to create a Bay City Rollers gallery wall…then common sense returned and I passed on all that glorious vinyl.

And Penny–she’s resting comfortably after her ordeal.