It Must be True


I picked up this nifty little sign up at the thrift store.

It must be true because it’s painted on a block of wood.

(Sorry, cat people.)


Thrifted Then Gifted


With my new found love of thrift stores, I suppose it had to happen:  I’m giving someone a thrifted gift–gasp!

The back story is that I’ll be on the road again soon.  Chihuahua girl and I are going to visit N in Powell River.  Since she doesn’t drink, wine is out of the question.

I found a cute vintage-y three cornered plate with a fun map of what I hope is Denmark at the Hospital Auxiliary Shop.  (N is proud of her Danish heritage.)

She’s getting some luscious Avalon Organics shower gel, too, and I’ll pick up some nice chocolate.  (Can’t get that too early or I’ll just eat it myself!)

What’s the verdict–is it okay to give someone a thrifted gift?