Thoughts Have Power–Spooooky!

A couple of weeks ago when I blogged about my thrifting success, I mentioned a studded hot pink leather jacket as a MADE UP example of something I shouldn’t buy just because it’s cheap and available.

Guess what I saw in the consignment store window yesterday??? A studded hot pink leather jacket!  Spooky, no?

Did I have a premonition that such an item would turn up?

Did my thoughts actually cause this particular jacket to appear in the consignment store?

Frankly, I don’t know which scenario is creepier.

I’ve been reading Joel Osteen as an antidote to all my negativity.  Not only is he super successful, but he’s relentlessly upbeat.  He says God will listen and bring us what we ask for if we say affirmative things about ourselves.  I don’t know if it works, but I’ve made a concerted effort towards positive self-talk since reading “The Power of I Am.”

It’ll really suck if after months of telling myself I’m financially secure and my future is bright, all I get is a hot pink studded leather jacket.