Small Town Sunday


Heading back to work after the long, lazy summer has been…challenging.

I miss blogging, but haven’t had the energy (or any interesting experiences) to share.  I went to yoga on Sunday to combat my malaise.

Yoga has magic properties that make me feel relaxed and healthy.  I always leave the class feeling better than I did when I went in.

It was perfect until the woman next to me started grunting and cursing every time she found a pose challenging.  Judging by her colourful language, she really struggled with the class.

Let’s just say, I didn’t get the calm, peaceful experience  I craved.

Afterward, I went to Starbucks.  It was a crisp sunny afternoon, so I sat outside to enjoy my coffee and unwind from the stressful yoga experience.  I wanted quiet to regroup.

I hadn’t even started my muffin when an adolescent turned up.

“I remember you from elementary school,” he announced sitting down.  “When I saw you, I had to come and say hi.”

I didn’t let on that I couldn’t recall him.  (Although I worked at his school, I don’t think I taught him.)  We chatted about his bike (he prefers riding it to video games!) and his recent transition to high school.

I didn’t get my solitary latte interlude, but I did get a sweet small town teacher moment.  It felt good that a former student felt comfortable enough to stop and talk to me.

Work has been crazy busy this year, but maybe it’s worth it if I’m making positive connections with kids.



My New Place


It’s been a busy couple of days.

I went from planning to TOC (Teach on Call–we don’t call them substitute teachers here) to applying for and starting a brand new job in a the space of less than a day!

I’m teaching a variety of classes and ages (PE, francias, and music to name a few.)  It’s part time, but enough to get me benefits (woo hoo–I can get my eyes checked and my teeth cleaned!)

But the best news of all?  My boy came for the summer.  Now that he’s here, the new place really feels like home.

(We’re in a tiny furnished suite while I look for something a little more permanent, but a few things are mine.  The quilt came from a thrift store and was a total deal!  The coffee table came from the edge of a parking lot and was free!!!  The spring/summer shoe collection shows my weakness for ballet flats.)

So Close…


Working with children is not for the faint of heart.

Although kids are cute and they’re our future, yadda yadda yadda; they’re disease-ridden little people who sneeze and cough without covering their noses.  Shudder!

I get something every year–bronchitis, laryngitis, H1N1, pink eye, whooping cough…

It’s like a grab bag of misery–I never know what I’m going to get…

But this year was different!  I made it through the sick months (November to February) without catching anything!

I did a little happy dance and gave my immune system a virtual pat on the back.

Then I woke up one morning and my throat felt like I’d swallowed a couple of steak knives.

Yep–it’s strep throat…in April.

I came so close this year.