Date Night!

008One is the loneliest number, but I don’t care anymore.

I just enjoyed a hot date night!  (No doubt the first of many!)

It was a happy day when I discovered my local grocery store sells sticky toffee pudding!!!

It comes in an adorable itsy bitsy microwaveable bowl.  (The package obviously had a typo as the nutrition label claimed this was TWO servings.)

Mmm–it was rich and dense, languishing in bath of smooth, buttery toffee sauce.  In other words, it was everything this classic English date cake should be…

…everything except English.

A closer look at the label revealed it was imported from…Austin, Texas???

Another typo?

The Sticky Toffee Pudding Co. should probably hire better proofreaders.  Their bakers, however, are top notch.

Since I made a meal out of my sticky toffee pudding, I had it with unsweetened, low fat Greek yogurt.  (A girl’s got to eat healthy, right?)

My tummy is so happy even the storm tonight isn’t getting me down.

I think this is the start of a beautiful relationship!