Old Man Winter

Old Man Winter’s here with a vengeance.

It’s especially cruel after the mild sunny weather we’ve just enjoyed.  I thought spring had arrived, and then…this happened.

How am I supposed to explain to an aging Chihuahua that she’s going to have slog through snow drifts up to her chin???


So…Who Turned on the Winter???

I was hoping to take some photos of the light dusting of snow on the mountains.

Although I’m vehemently anti-snow, I can admit it has a certain beauty…when viewed from a great distance.

Wouldn’t you know it–it began snowing lightly when I embarked on my picture-taking walkabout.  The mountains were totally obscured by clouds.  I was cold and damp; the pin of my Remembrance Day poppy poking me in the neck  because I’d zipped my jacket so high.

Don’t even ask about my Chihuahua, who was wearing a heavy sweater under her new winter jacket.  (She waddled like a Butterball Turkey on its way to market!)

This is winter on the Coast.