You know how once you’ve seen something weird or disturbing, you can’t un-see it?

I pass this sign at least twice a day walking the dog.

I never noticed anything creepy about it until this morning.

Now it’s the first thing I notice.


Do you see it?

Over Sharing?


M came to visit for a belated birthday celebration.

We enjoyed wine, giggles and a raucous pub crawl that included every pub in town.  (Not quite as impressive as it sounds when you realize there are only two pubs in Sechelt!)

It was all good except that every time I started to tell an amusing anecdote I’d get well into my story and then realize…it was in the blog.

M follows the blog so she’s heard everything already.

Since M’s a trooper (and a supportive friend), each time I stopped mid-anecdote and said, “Oh, that was in the blog,” she encouraged me to keep telling it anyway.

Clearly I need to have more madcap adventures so I have something to talk about besides my Chihuahua.

She Does Drink…


I’m visiting O and C, friends on Vancouver Island.  Even though this trip will necessitate two ferry rides, with a long wait at the terminal between, I couldn’t be happier.

I went shopping for little hostess gifts.  O is getting my go-to gift–wine.

C required a little more effort.  I finally settled on a pretty teal scarf and a bath bomb from Blue Magnolia, one of my favourite stores in Sechelt.  As I was paying, I shared the reason for my purchase.

“This is a gift for a friend I’m visiting.  She doesn’t drink wine.”

The shop assistant gasped.  “She doesn’t drink wine???”

“Oh, it’s okay,” I said, rushing to C’s defense.  “She does drink.  Just not wine.”

This begs the question, why did I feel compelled to reassure a stranger that my friends do indeed drink?



The Suspect

001I picked up The Suspect by L.R. Wright at the Salvation Army Thrift Shop.  I was excited to read it because it’s set on Canada’s Sunshine Coast.

Unfortunately, the best part of the novel was all the familiar place names–Gibsons, Sechelt, Davis Bay…even my beloved Powell River gets a mention!

Now for the not so good.

The Suspect is a murder mystery without the mystery.  The murder takes place on the first page and the murderer is revealed immediately.  I read and watch lots of mysteries, and this technique isn’t something I’ve seen before.  It doesn’t work for me.  Knowing who dun it takes the fun out of reading a murder mystery.

The protagonist is RCMP Staff Sergeant Karl Alberg.  He remains calm and collected through the murder investigation, but panics when he discovers the stray cat he’s been feeding is pregnant.  Obviously, police training doesn’t cover unplanned feline pregnancies.

I had high hopes for The Suspect, but only give it meh out of five stars.

Oktoberfest in Septemberfest!

Saturday was Oktoberfest in Sechelt.

In the interest of being social, I volunteered to man the raffle ticket booth for a couple of hours.

D turned up to experience the Teutonic high-jinks, and ended up meeting numerous people and getting herself invited to several house parties.

I sold some raffle tickets…and that’s about it.