2nd Hand Rose

011I’ve mentioned my new-found love of second-hand and consignment stores.

Some of the “bargains” I picked up have already been donated back (dated black leather blazer with the contrasting stitching, I’m talking about you!)  Others, have become well-loved and often-used staples in my life.

These are my top second hand items:

I bought a used blanket.  (Don’t judge!)  When I saw it in a décor consignment shop, I was won over by its soft mint colour and the tag that says–wait for it– “Made in Canada.”  (It’s so cute–it has an elk on it!)  Even though the blanket factory likely closed a generation ago, it feels good to buy domestic products.

I wear used shoes.  (Again, don’t judge me until you walk a mile in my shoes–which you may have done if you owned these shoes before me!)  I promise, these ballet flats looked new when I bought them.

Used jewelry is way cheap!  I’m the kind of girl who can’t be bothered fussing with jewelry.  I like pieces I can put on and forget.  This usually means fine jewelry, which can stand up to showers, shampoo and puppy cuddles.  Since my Sailor was sadly deficient in the family jewels department, I had to acquire my own collection.

The diamond studs are from a well-known vintage jewelry store in Victoria, so I’m confident they’re genuine.  The ring, which came from the SPCA Thrift Shop, may or may not have genuine stones, but it’s 10K and the centre “sapphire” is a gorgeous denim blue that makes me smile.

Do you do second hand, or does the thought of used stuff make you squeal?