My New Place


It’s been a busy couple of days.

I went from planning to TOC (Teach on Call–we don’t call them substitute teachers here) to applying for and starting a brand new job in a the space of less than a day!

I’m teaching a variety of classes and ages (PE, francias, and music to name a few.)  It’s part time, but enough to get me benefits (woo hoo–I can get my eyes checked and my teeth cleaned!)

But the best news of all?  My boy came for the summer.  Now that he’s here, the new place really feels like home.

(We’re in a tiny furnished suite while I look for something a little more permanent, but a few things are mine.  The quilt came from a thrift store and was a total deal!  The coffee table came from the edge of a parking lot and was free!!!  The spring/summer shoe collection shows my weakness for ballet flats.)