Et Voila!

The painting’s done and the kitchen’s been re-assembled.

It was a bigger job than I anticipated, so I’ve put my plan to paint the counter on hold.  I need a DIY break.

The process went fairly smoothly, and I think the results are pretty good–as long as you don’t look took closely.  (I’m a bit of a messy painter!)



Going Grey!

I’ve got DIY fever!

I painted my dated bathroom vanity.  This was more involved than you might think as it involved removing the doors, drawers and hardware and then putting it all back together again once the pieces had dried.

I painted picture frames, wooden ornaments and even the mirror frame.  For a couple of days, I was painting machine and nothing was safe from my roller.

Now it’s finished, my normal summer schedule of Netflix and naps has resumed…until my next project.

I’m thinking a grey kitchen would be nice.

And the Winner is…

My Boy, one of his friends and I had a marathon painting session, and covered all the sludge brown in the house.

My Boy was a champion, putting in several long days in sweltering 30+ temps.

I told him how proud I was, commenting that he didn’t even whine when I worked him like a dog.

“You were only one who complained, Mom.”

“Well, maybe a little…”

“A little!?  It was too hot.  You were tired.  You were hungry.  You didn’t want to paint anymore–”

“Why don’t we appreciate our accomplishments…silently?”

I can’t wait to settle into my Arctic White house!



Fifty Shades…


Now that I’ve bought a little old house, the real fun begins.

First on the lengthy to-do list:  painting.

I decided to go simple, classic and basic.  In other words, I wanted to paint the entire main floor white.

Easy peasy, right?


I found myself up to my elbows in paint chips and friendly suggestions.

Lemon chiffon, prairie dust, cloud, rose tint, blizzard, polar bear…

There are way more than fifty shades of white, but no one is rushing to make an adult film about this experience.