Wined, Caffeinated and Fully Supported!

I had a rare weekday afternoon off, and spent it wisely.

I walked to Harbour Quay, and enjoyed sunshine, water views and a wee libation.

First stop was natchos and sangria.  (Is there a better start to anything???)

Then I grabbed a Canadiano (northern version of an Americano.)

Finally, I purchased some wispy unmentionables from the swish boutique on the corner.

Wined, caffeinated and fully supported–I’m ready to conquer the world!

A Big Bag of Cozy


D and I finally got together and exchanged Christmas gifts.

I was totally unimaginative, and gave her a restaurant gift card.

She gave me a huge, soft, snuggly blanket scarf in gorgeous taupe and pink plaid and a box of Purdy’s chocolates.  (She hit the gift selection out of the ball park this year!)

After gifts we had a pub lunch.  (Extra points if you guessed I had the natchos–hold the olives!)  Then we enjoyed some light après Christmas shopping.

Lately I’ve become obsessed by the way clothes feel.  No matter how pretty, if it doesn’t feel good I won’t wear it.

As luck would have it, Roots had cuddly sweaters and warm touques half price.  Not only were they easy on the eyes, they were super soft.

Waiting for the ferry home, I realized I was carrying a big bag of cozy…and chocolates.

Other than wine, what more does one need on a cold winter day?