Wanna Hear a True Secret?

Back in the day, I compulsively read books on writing.

“How to write” books had their own section in every book store.  Browsing wasn’t an option.  I always left with one or two treasures.

Last weekend I decided to pick one up.  I want to get back into writing fiction and a little inspiration is in order.

I was shocked to note the Writing section has disappeared.  (Most likely pushed out by the ever-growing area on Minimalism.)  The few remaining writing books are crammed into a generic Reference section (three narrow shelves!) with an odd assortment of How-to books that don’t fit into Self Help or Cooking.

I rifled through tomes explaining how to land a plane and how to write your own will (which I’d need if I ever attempted to land a plane on my own!)  If I ever need to fix a truck get divorced again, I know where to find the book for that.

Although those other books were tempting, I managed to limit myself to just one:  The True Secret of Writing by Natalie Goldberg.  I may have read it before, but who can resist a juicy secret?