Always Look on the Bright Side


I was lounging in the bath last night, when I realized how wonderful it is to have a bathtub.  Not too long ago, I was “living” in a shack on a beach with very few creature comforts.

In no particular order, here are five things for which I’m super grateful:

  1. A bathtub!  I don’t know if cleanliness is next to Godliness, but it’s next to impossible with only a teeny, tiny shower stall.
  2. A real kitchen with actual appliances, including a full size fridge/freezer.  In my initial excitement at having the technology to freeze food, I may have eaten far too much ice-cream.  I’m over my ice-cream feeding frenzy now…mostly.
  3. In-house laundry facilities.  Not only do I have a squeaky clean body, but pristine clothes to cover it with!
  4. Improved mental health.  My mainland year was tough, and I almost crumbled.  I’m stronger and healthier now.
  5. Seeing my Boy doesn’t require a ferry ride (or two.)  We’re both on the Island, separated only by a couple hundred kms of well-maintained highway.  This is likely a contributing factor to #4.

Red Alert!!! Catastrophe!!!


Catastrophizing:  You believe that what has happened or will happen will be so awful and unbearable that you won’t be able to stand it.

I’m on a long and lonely path towards personal growth, self-awareness and (hopefully) happiness.

It’s not easy because my personal life is such a shambles, and I’m prone to a touch of anxiety.

I’ve been told I catastrophize.  Never having heard this term before, I was impressed how closely it seems to fit me and my thought processes.

They say knowledge is power.  Maybe, just maybe, now I’m aware I do this, I can learn to control it.

I sure hope so, because if I can’t chillax, I’ll probably give myself a heart attack and die a horrible death long before I ever collect my pension.  And the dog…with her separation anxiety, she’ll waste away without me, and it’ll be my fault.