Your Story

I’m reading “Your Story:  How to Write it so Others Will Want to Read it” by Joanne Fedler.

I love the way it’s written in short (often very short) chapters, each containing a nugget of advice.  I’ve had a hard time getting into books lately because my attention span has shrunk–alarmingly.  Another sign of divorce-related stress?  I hope so.  I don’t want to consider this new development may be permanent!

I was drawn to this book because The Grey Divorcee, like my previous blog, is my story.  For someone who lives a remarkably unremarkable life, I spend a great deal of time writing about myself.  Hopefully the tips I get from Joanne Fedler will make my blog a little more interesting for my reader(s).

Maybe down the road, I’ll attempt a memoir.  I actually started one once about the only period in my life that was interesting.  (Did I tell you about that time I lived on the largest ammo depot in Western Europe?)

Possible titles for my future memoir:

My 15-Year Divorce (Yes, that’s really how long this doomed marriage has been on life-support, and there’s still no end date in sight!  How do people manage multiple marriages???  I’ll be an Old Age Pensioner before I complete my first divorce!)

Don’t Marry the First Person Who Asks You! (Disclaimer:  this line is from Corner Gas, but it sums up my feelings toward the Sailor and our rotten to the core marriage so well, I had to borrow it.)

Marriage:  It’s Not a Fairy Tale (I got so caught up in the “happily ever after” myth that I ignored the stinking mess of lies and deception my marriage became.  Toss in a dose of guilt over making Darling Son a child of divorce, and it’s easy to see how I became a tired and downtrodden 50-something struggling to get through a divorce.)

What would you title your memoir?