Always Look on the Bright Side


I was lounging in the bath last night, when I realized how wonderful it is to have a bathtub.  Not too long ago, I was “living” in a shack on a beach with very few creature comforts.

In no particular order, here are five things for which I’m super grateful:

  1. A bathtub!  I don’t know if cleanliness is next to Godliness, but it’s next to impossible with only a teeny, tiny shower stall.
  2. A real kitchen with actual appliances, including a full size fridge/freezer.  In my initial excitement at having the technology to freeze food, I may have eaten far too much ice-cream.  I’m over my ice-cream feeding frenzy now…mostly.
  3. In-house laundry facilities.  Not only do I have a squeaky clean body, but pristine clothes to cover it with!
  4. Improved mental health.  My mainland year was tough, and I almost crumbled.  I’m stronger and healthier now.
  5. Seeing my Boy doesn’t require a ferry ride (or two.)  We’re both on the Island, separated only by a couple hundred kms of well-maintained highway.  This is likely a contributing factor to #4.

Needful Things


I’ve been in my little seaside cottage for a couple of months now–long enough to really appreciate the creature comforts I need to live comfortably.  Here they are in no particular order:

An actual kitchen with, you know, an actual oven and maybe even a dishwasher.  The “snack” kitchen isn’t working for me any more.  I dream of homemade chocolate chip cookies and gooey roasted vegetable lasagna, neither of which are doable on a two burner hot plate.

Onsite laundry facilities.  I’m so over travelling off site to use machines I have to pay for.  In addition to the inconvenience, I can’t stop wondering what went into those machines just before my own gently worn duds.  Ugh–I hope it wasn’t anything too gross!

A bath tub.  I used to look forward to my nightly soak, but I’ve come to dread my daily shower ordeal.

Reliable internet.  It’s often okay, but when the other cottages are occupied the internet gets sketchy.  I guess it’s because so many of us are sharing the same beam?  Whatever the reason–I want my own internet beam!

A lively Chihuahua to cuddle and love.  Although she has some interesting quirks and is often a pain in the ass, I truly don’t know what I’d do without my darling.

I guess one out of five ain’t bad.

Cleanliness is Next to…Impossible?

006I’ve started wearing clothing like jeans, sweaters and leggings more than once before washing.

I might brag I’m doing it to prolong the life of my clothes, which really don’t get that dirty after one wearing.

I could say I’m doing it because I care about Mother Earth and the environmental impact caused by too-frequent laundering.

Or…I could be honest and admit I hate going to the Laundromat so much that my standards are slipping.

The last time I went, an elderly lady paused next to me as she wheeled a cartload of laundry by.

“I’m on a well,” she whispered.


“I’m only here because it was such a dry summer.  The well’s so low I have to conserve water.”

I nodded as she waited for me to explain why I was using a public washing machine.

“I’m here because I married a man who wracked up debt with a secret internet shopping habit, and my life is topsy turvy while I struggle to extricate myself from his financial mess.”


“It was a dry summer,” I agreed.