A Shoe Review–hmm

It is a well known fact that nature’s most perfect shoe is the ballet flat.

This style can be worn with everything–jeans, trousers, dresses, your old high school rugby uniform.  (Okay, maybe you can’t literally wear them with everything, but almost!)

I never say no to a beautiful, well-made pair of leather ballet flats, so I had a happy heart when I discovered these lovely French Sole shoes.

For those unfamiliar with French Sole, they’re high fliers in the exciting world of ballet flats.  Don’t believe me?  Kate Middleton was once photographed grocery shopping in a pair of French Soles back before she had a team of servants doing her Tesco runs for her.

Living in a small town, I normally don’t get to shop in the kind of high class store that sells French Soles…until I found these beauties in a consignment store.

I had a Cinderella/glass slipper moment when I slipped them on.  That’s how perfectly they fit me.

Best of all–they were $20!  I felt like I was taking advantage of the shopkeeper.

I’m delighted with my purchase, although I do wonder why I’ve suddenly started buying so much used stuff.

The old me wouldn’t have even considered wearing someone else’s old shoes.

New, nearly divorced me brags about it.

Now that’s something that makes me go, hmm.