The Visit!!!


My Boy’s here for a few days.

I haven’t been well, so our “low key” visit has turned “no key.”  It doesn’t matter that it hasn’t worked out as planned.  It’s tonic to this mother’s tired heart to have her one and only home.

Some things I’m really appreciating:

  1. My Boy’s calm, steady presence.  While I’m by no means going through a crisis (just a blip), my Boy’s a good man to have around when the chips are down.
  2. The big comfy chesterfield at the teeny tiny cottage.  It’s big enough for the dog and me to nap while my Boy sits at the other end, catching up on course work or (more likely) games.
  3. Pizza.  I haven’t had pizza in months.  (Why do I torture myself like this??)  We discovered Coastal Crust downtown.  They sell pizza by the big, loaded slice–perfect for the gal on her own.
  4. Friends.  Not directly related to my Boy’s visit, but my carefully curated group of friends has been amazingly supportive through this time.  Thank you, all!