(Wo)man’s Best Friend


My Chihuahua’s on a very strict schedule.

She likes her breakfast at 6:00 AM on the dot.

I’m an early riser so this usually isn’t an issue, but on the odd morning I’m not up and about by 6:00, Chihuahua Girl paws at me.  I’ve tried ignoring her, but she’s relentless…and I really need to trim her claws.

Let’s just say, she always gets her breakfast at 6:00…

Except the other day–

I woke up at 2:00 AM with the beginnings of one of those headaches.  (I get migraines.  Fortunately the throwing up part only lasts a few hours.  Afterwards, I sleep for a few hours and wake up, feeling fragile.)

After almost breaking my neck stumbling down the stairs from my loft bedroom to the bathroom to vomit, Chihuahua Girl and decamped to the chesterfield in the living room, which was much more convenient for those dashes to the bathroom to be sick.

I eventually fell asleep, and woke up at (wait for it!) 10:15, my loyal little friend cuddled up next to my feet.

It’s like she knew not to bother me because I wasn’t feeling well.

I’m always glad to have her, but days like this, I’m extra glad.

It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. It’s Super Food!

016Ugh–I woke up with the kernel of one those “special” headaches pulsating in my brain.

Left to their own devices, these headaches take over, and for the next eight or so hours I’m down for the count, puking…again and again.

Fortunately, there’s pharmaceutical help.  I have a prescription for tiny orange pills that are literal miracles.  They’re not perfect–after taking one, I need to sleep for a couple of hours.  Afterward, I’m fragile for the rest of the day (no other way to describe it)..

Once the crisis was averted and I was feeling (more or less) like myself again, I decided fresh air was in order, so I took a gentle walk downtown.

Seeing the usual crowd at The Basted Baker, I stopped in to see what all the fuss was about…and ordered a breakfast bowl with good things like kale, avocado and a beautifully poached egg from a happy chicken.

Kale was the star of this show.  (I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much kale at one sitting.)

Walking home, I was overcome by a feeling of wellbeing.  Although the day had started on a horrific note,  I was content…even a little happy.

It was the kale!  They don’t call it a super food for nothing.  I made a mental note to buy a bunch and learn how to prepare it.

Then I licked my lips and tasted a crumb of the delicious peanut butter chocolate chip cookie I’d bought at The Bakery after choking back my kale.

Just as I suspected…the key to contentment has chocolate chips, not thick veiny leaves.