All Hallows’ Eve

Ooh–it’s Halloween, and that means spooky times, friends.

Strange children will come knock, knock, knocking on your door demanding candy.

People in the community will wear creepy or inappropriate costumes.  (Did I ever tell you about that time the teacher at my Boy’s Catholic elementary school dressed as a Dominatrix for Halloween?  Seriously–she had a riding crop and a shiny leather bustier.)

Even the pumpkins, normally so jolly and orange, will get in on the act with menacing faces glowing in the night.

In short…it’s a Stephen King world!

Today, the word is BOO!!!

Who’s the Witchy Woman here?

Staff at my new school do themed Halloween costumes.

This year they’re doing The Wizard of Oz.  Everyone, repeat everyone, must choose a character.

A fun idea?–perhaps.

Will the kids like it?–maybe.

A pain in the ass for someone who bought a costume back in September?–definitely!

I thought I was being clever by avoiding the annual Halloween “what am I going to wear” panic when I purchased my lovely, handmade Victorian-style gown last month.

I should’ve remembered planning ahead never works.

Grumbling to myself about the money wasted on the first costume, I signed up for a character–the Wicked Witch.

I thought I was being ironic because, well, I don’t think I’m really wicked or witchy…

…then someone said, “Wow–your hair is perfect for the Wicked Witch!”

Yep–I can’t wait to see how Christmas goes down at the new school.020