The Name’s Bethany

006I can’t be the only one who hates giving my name when I order coffee.

They never get it right.  I get Annette, Lynnette, Natalie and even, once, Nanook.  (What am I–a sled dog???)

To simplify things, I started saying I’m Bethany.  Everyone can spell it.

It’s no big deal…until one morning a barista with a good memory greets me:  “Hey, Bethany!  How’s it going?”

“Good,” I say, feeling awkward.  “Can I get a–”

“Grande nonfat latte,” she finishes with a smile.  “Anything else, Bethany?”

Clearly I’m committed to being Bethany at the local Starbucks.

Surely it’s not TOO weird to have a coffee alias.  I mean, other than criminals on the lam, I can’t be the first person to give the barista a fake name.

It’s all good…

…until I get my latte and see they’ve taken it upon themselves to shorten my name to Beth!

I don’t go by Beth.  How dare some barista change my name like that!

I’m about to set her straight about using my “real” made up name when I realize how odd this situation is becoming.

Sigh–just call me Beth.