Hammie 2.0

D used to wear a hamster-like hair accessory back in the late-90’s.

When it wasn’t residing on her head it so resembled a rodent, we called it Hammie.

I recently discovered Hammie 2.0 on the half-price table at the Pharmasave!  (Can you believe this beauty was on sale???)

Thanks to Hammie 2.0, I’m able to proudly follow in D’s fashion footsteps…a mere twenty years behind her!


It Skips a Generation


Me:  You know how we sometimes hear mysterious sounds coming from the back of the car?

My Boy:  No.

Me:  Sure you do…like last night when I was parking…

My Boy:  That wasn’t a mysterious sound.  You backed into something.

I don’t know where he gets it from (probably my dad), but my Boy can be quite logical–almost Spock-like–whereas I tend toward the whimsical (shades of my Welsh mom’s fey?)

***Check out the photo of the three of us at my Boy’s Christening.  My dad’s wearing a cardigan under his suit!  I love cardigans so much!  I wear them almost constantly through the cold seasons.  Noticing that my dad wore a cardigan to this special event felt like a connection through the years.  File this under the Power of Fashion to Enrich our Lives.