Happy Canada D’eh!


Friday was my last official work day before the summer, but it feels like I worked yesterday.  (I was at school at 8:00 to meet with another teacher and get a start on planning for September.)

That my first day off is also Canada Day makes it extra special.

We’re celebrating Canada’s birthday over lunch at the brew pub with friends.

My Boy wants to try the new Poutine Pizza.  (Can it get any more Canadian?!?)

I just want to unwind and try and shake this vicious cold that took hold of me yesterday afternoon.  That’s right–my summer vacay didn’t start with a bang, but with a cough, a sniff and a headache.

Happy Canada D-eh!


So…Who Turned on the Winter???

I was hoping to take some photos of the light dusting of snow on the mountains.

Although I’m vehemently anti-snow, I can admit it has a certain beauty…when viewed from a great distance.

Wouldn’t you know it–it began snowing lightly when I embarked on my picture-taking walkabout.  The mountains were totally obscured by clouds.  I was cold and damp; the pin of my Remembrance Day poppy poking me in the neck  because I’d zipped my jacket so high.

Don’t even ask about my Chihuahua, who was wearing a heavy sweater under her new winter jacket.  (She waddled like a Butterball Turkey on its way to market!)

This is winter on the Coast.