Canada 1; Mexico 0


They say everything’s bigger in Texas.

I say they’ve never seen a Canada goose.

Chihuahua girl and I met a couple of Canada geese on our morning walk.  They were enjoying the view off the dock–the same view off the same dock we wanted to enjoy.

I didn’t think it would be a problem–two carnivores (one a descendant of wolves!) VS a pair of birds seemed like a pretty good odds.  I expected the geese would fly peacefully away.


They waddled further along the dock, stopping every few steps to glare at us over their succulent, meaty shoulders.  There may have been hissing, too.

Since Penny was wearing a new sweater and didn’t want to snag it in a tussle, and I prefer my altercations with fowl to be with the roasted variety, we retreated.

Canada 1; Mexico 0