I Looooove You, Patricia!!!

I’m in Powell River for a few days to celebrate spring and my birthday.

This post is part one of an extended love letter to my beloved hometown.

Last night I went to a movie.

Isn’t it Romantic is an empowering, satirical take on the rom com.  When the lead character, a timid, dumpy woman learns to love herself, everything in her life turns around and she becomes fabulous.  Yawn.

While the movie was meh, the venue was super special!

The Patricia Theatre in Powell River is the oldest continually operating movie theatre in Canada.  (Google it if you don’t believe me!)  It’s been open since 1913.

The Patricia isn’t wonderful just because it’s a cinematic jewel.  It’s a part of my history.  I saw Jaws, ET and The Back to the Future trilogy there.  It’s where I saw my very first movie with a boy.  (Porky’s–terrible choice for a first date!)

There’s something magical about revisiting places from our past, particularly if they haven’t changed much over the years.

Thanks for the memories, Patricia!