A Retired Day

Murphy and I went on a little road trip to experience a delicious “Retired Day.” (I was a Monday to Friday worker bee for so long that a weekday off still feels like a novelty.)

We went to Qualicum Beach, one of my favourite places and just about the prettiest little town anywhere. FYI: Qualicum Beach is also where O and I had our first two dates, so it’s got a special place in my heart for that reason.

We stuck to the forest and the village on our most recent visit, but the nearby beach is amazing, too.

Ye olde English-style buildings downtown.
Don’t you want to see what’s behind door #13? With a silver lame wing back chair and a rainbow on the outside, I’m sure the inside is stylin!
Murphy living his best life in the forest!
Nachos and wine at Lefty’s Restaurant–the perfect lunch!
This little cottage on the main street is my dream house!

Where to Start???

It’s been two years since I blogged.

So much has changed, yet much is still the same.

I lost Penny, my beloved Chihuahua, over a year ago. She and I were together fifteen years. Of all the dogs I’ve loved, she was the special-est. She’ll be the one waiting for me when it’s my turn to cross over the rainbow ridge into eternity.

Although Penny is irreplaceable, a house without a dog is not a home. I have another puppy–a feisty American Eskimo named Murphy.

I retired from teaching in June, and moved to a beach-side resort on the other side of the island.

Although I was done with teaching, I wasn’t ready to do nothing. Now I work at a grocery store–a seasonal Christmas job that became permanent. I quite enjoy being a cashier, but I’m not very fast, so I spend most of my shifts packing groceries for the real talent at Club Pricey Freeze. (I’m not allowed to mention my employer on social media, so that’s a made up name.)

And, perhaps best of all, I have a new man. He’s kind and generous and handsome. I feel safe and cared for when I’m with him. More about him (much more!) in later posts.

What hasn’t changed? I still think about things too much and waste endless amounts of energy second guessing every decision I make.

…And I’m looking forward to blogging again.