The Golden Time

The best thing about having an old, slow computer?  The treasure trove of photos saved over the years!

These gems are from a long ago camping trip with my Boy.

We were at Willingdon Beach (best camp site anywhere!) and we’d scored a coveted spot on the beach.  (This was shortly before I learned cougars are strong swimmers and have been seen paddling in the ocean next to our flimsy tent.)

N, who lived just up the hill, stopped by to help us light a fire.

That evening my Boy read, and N and I huddled near the spitting fire talking about nothing and everything.

Soon after N went home, the rains started.

It rained so hard, a kind fellow camper covered our cheap Walmart tent with a tarp.

Instead of lazing around on the beach reading, my Boy and I watched a movie (inside a nice dry theatre) and went swimming (pool water is warmer than rain!)

We ended up leaving a day early due to inclement weather.  Once home, I had to spread the camping gear in the backyard to dry so it wouldn’t go mouldy when I put it away.

If you’d asked me how the trip went, I would’ve told you it was a disaster.  I would’ve complained about everything from damp sleeping bags to frizzy hair and a shivering Chihuahua.

Now, eight years later, those memories of a visit with my late friend N and a holiday with my adolescent Boy, who was still willing to camp with his mom are golden.

What do you do when it seems like all your good times are in the past?



Et Voila!

The painting’s done and the kitchen’s been re-assembled.

It was a bigger job than I anticipated, so I’ve put my plan to paint the counter on hold.  I need a DIY break.

The process went fairly smoothly, and I think the results are pretty good–as long as you don’t look took closely.  (I’m a bit of a messy painter!)



The Shopping Frenzy

I haven’t felt the shopping bug for a while.

Last weekend, it caught me hard.

I spent about five hours at the mall in Nanaimo, and I didn’t leave empty handed.

As well as a book in Chapters, I bought an entire bag full of clothes at Reitmans (a dress, a pair of pants and bright pink floral blouse unlike anything else in my closet.)  Then I went to Pier 1, and got lost in their world of perfect homes.  I bought four mugs I don’t need, a table runner I don’t need, tea towels I don’t need (anyone sensing a theme here?) and a “garden flag.”

My Boy took one look at the flag and said, “Don’t put that in the front yard!”

When did he become the voice of reason to my wild decorating ideas?  Oh, I remember–when he refused to paint the garden shed hot pink last spring.

Hang loose and keep those good vibes flowing!

Wanna Hear a True Secret?

Back in the day, I compulsively read books on writing.

“How to write” books had their own section in every book store.  Browsing wasn’t an option.  I always left with one or two treasures.

Last weekend I decided to pick one up.  I want to get back into writing fiction and a little inspiration is in order.

I was shocked to note the Writing section has disappeared.  (Most likely pushed out by the ever-growing area on Minimalism.)  The few remaining writing books are crammed into a generic Reference section (three narrow shelves!) with an odd assortment of How-to books that don’t fit into Self Help or Cooking.

I rifled through tomes explaining how to land a plane and how to write your own will (which I’d need if I ever attempted to land a plane on my own!)  If I ever need to fix a truck get divorced again, I know where to find the book for that.

Although those other books were tempting, I managed to limit myself to just one:  The True Secret of Writing by Natalie Goldberg.  I may have read it before, but who can resist a juicy secret?


The Hobby?

I went to a glorious outdoor market in Qualicum Beach.  (Google Qualicum Beach–it’s a seriously gorgeous town!)

The market, which spread over most of the village’s outdoor areas, included antiques, crafts, farm produce and locally produced wine and spirits.

There was even live entertainment!

I didn’t buy anything, but I came away with something way better than a bunch of radishes or half a cabbage.  I discovered what I want to do when I retire:  Clog Dancing!

Have you seen Cloggers in action?

They have snappy music, noisy shoes, and a leader who calls out the moves as the dancers go through their routines.

I can see myself happily clogging through my golden years.


The Point of No Return!!!

My recent success with bathroom DIY has led me down a dangerous path:  I’ve decided to tackle the hideous kitchen cabinets!

They’re white melamine with an oak-ish strip at the base of each door.  One decorating blog politely referred to them as “lower end” cabinets popular in the 80’s.  Don’t get me wrong, I like me some 80’s culture–Top Gun is my favorite movie and my hair is naturally big.  However, Maverick and Ice Man are the only 80’s touches welcome in my kitchen.

I’ve completed step one of this risky painting project–removing the doors that didn’t have stripped screws (the others will be painted in situ) and lightly sanding them.  Next step: slapping on the super duper primer necessary for slick melamine surfaces.

Since going door-less doesn’t work for someone with my hoarding tendencies, a complete kitchen remodel isn’t in the budget, and I’ve just destroyed my cabinets with sandpaper, failure isn’t an option.

Wish me luck!

Going Grey!

I’ve got DIY fever!

I painted my dated bathroom vanity.  This was more involved than you might think as it involved removing the doors, drawers and hardware and then putting it all back together again once the pieces had dried.

I painted picture frames, wooden ornaments and even the mirror frame.  For a couple of days, I was painting machine and nothing was safe from my roller.

Now it’s finished, my normal summer schedule of Netflix and naps has resumed…until my next project.

I’m thinking a grey kitchen would be nice.