The Mini-Break

The moment school ended, S and I hit the road.

Our destination:  The Kingfisher Resort in Courtenay.

We partook of the amenities offered by this beautiful property–spa treatments, pool, hot tub, yoga, bistro and…the world famous Hydropath.

The Hydropath is a treatment like nothing I’ve ever experienced.  Guests progress through all manner of water features–steam room, five different kinds of showers (our Hydropath Guide warned us not to scream under the icy cold one!), a water walking track, saltwater pool, jetted tubs, and probably others I can’t even remember.

In between all this scheduled relaxation, we met and chatted with an assortment of–wait for it–teachers and principals who’d headed to the Kingfisher the moment school ended.  (I suggested an end of June teachers’ special to one staff member.)

My verdict:  It was a low key stay-cation, meant to restore and relax, but my soul was most soothed by the walks I took on the beach and the view of my beloved Powell River across the strait.




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