Two Broken Clocks

I’m trying to minimalize, organize and downsize my stuff.

It would be easier if I didn’t form irrational sentimental attachments to things.

An example of stuff I can’t get rid of:  two broken clocks.

I don’t even like the dome clock.  My mom bought it when I was in elementary school.  It’s shiny, fussy and broken…but my mom touched it once.

The wooden cottage clock is even older.  My parents brought it back from my grandparents’ home in Wales when I was little.  It didn’t work then–probably the reason my Cissie and Bampa were willing to part with it.

It’s fairly non-descript, but once you get to know it, you realize it has a sinister side.

You see, it’s not just a clock, but also a music box.  The sunflower next to the face is the wind-up mechanism.  Like the clock itself, the music box doesn’t work…mostly.

In all the decades this clock has been in my life, the music box sprang to life twice–both times immediately prior to harrowing and life-changing events.

My broken Welsh clock played music on the mornings of my mother’s funeral and my wedding.

Why do I hang onto something that creeps me out a bit?  Well, you see, my mom touched it once…

7 thoughts on “Two Broken Clocks

  1. Are you trying to wind me up?!
    I’d have the mystical cottage/sunflower clock any time – and get it fixed! I love things like that! Like yourself – I’m not over partial to the globe clock. A sister of mine has one and a nephew (not that sister’s son but another sister’s son) spends a huge amount of time getting it perfectly balanced so that it keeps going!

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  2. I loved this: my mum touched it once. I have a cardigan, it was my mum’s favourite cardigan, she wore it a lot. So I have mived it to France, & I will probably move it to Spain, because my mum wore it all the time. ❤️

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